Every year, HubSpot publishes its annual State of Inbound Report, covering the latest trends in inbound marketing and sales. As a Gold HubSpot Partner, Boston Digital received early-access to the report, and this year’s findings got us thinking a lot about the types of content marketers produce.

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Let’s take a look at some of the interesting findings from this year’s report:

In a survey of more than 1,000 global consumers, HubSpot found that the top three types of content consumers thoroughly consume and pay attention to are videos (55%), social media posts (52%), and news articles (49%).

On the other end of the spectrum, the types of content consumers were more likely to skim were blogs (43%), interactive articles or tools (42%), and long-form business content (41%).

And when asked what types of content do consumers want see more of in the future? You shouldn’t be surprised to find the top three were social media posts (45%), news articles (44%), and videos (43%)—a re-ordered list of the most consumed types.

Content Types vs. Topics

In a previous post, we offered 41 types of content marketing you should use across the buyer’s journey. Why do content types change across the journey? Because people’s preferences for content types vary wildly.

While Consumer A may love long-form articles with in-depth reporting, Consumer B prefers short-form infographics with big charts and graphs.

But our preference for types doesn’t necessarily affect our taste in topics. A topic around data security in the 2016 election may interest both the same two Consumers from above who prefer to consume the material in dramatically different ways.

This is where the power of repurposing content comes in.

The Power of Repurposing Content

Sometimes a topic lends itself to different content types—a survey’s data and charts can be published just as easily in a pitch deck as in a white paper. But to meet our consumers’ varying preferences, we must think outside the box to package topics into consumable types.

To get you started, we’ve put together 29 ideas for repurposing content topics.


Education Content

  1. Convert internal training seminars into consumer-friendly webinars.
  2. Turn internal lunch and learns into blogs, LinkedIn Pulse articles, infographics, and social media posts.
  3. Convert an interview between two thought leaders into individual blogs from both points of view.
  4. Upload old presentations to SlideShare, white papers, or ebooks.
  5. Interview internal experts for blogs, ebooks, social media posts, etc.
  6. Convert slideshows into infographics.
  7. Share internal data or statistics as infographics.
  8. Record a reading of your blog posts for podcasts.
  9. Select your best blog posts on a certain topic and publish as an ebook.
  10. Syndicate your content on LinkedIn or Medium.
  11. Record live presentations and upload as videos.
  12. Transcribe live presentations as blog articles and white papers.
  13. Interview a thought leader and publish a Q&A post to LinkedIn.
  14. Find questions on Quora relevant to your business and post answers.
  15. Take questions and answers from Quora and publish as a blog or infographic 
  16. Post your infographics to Pinterest, SlideShare, and Visual.ly.
  17. Turn infographics into presentations and upload to SlideShare.


Brand Preference Content

  1. Post quotes from your blog as images on Facebook or Instagram.
  2. Tweet interesting or funny quotes often said around the office. 
  3. Create a newsletter with all of your blog content.
  4. Publish your brochures as interactive About Your Company content.
  5. Upload photos and designs to Pinterest boards or Instagram.
  6. Work with partners to redistribute blog content on their platforms.
  7. Rewrite FAQs into blog posts and white papers.


Sales Content

  1. Convert sales decks into public-friendly SlideShare and ebooks.
  2. Redesign products sheets into online comparison charts against competitors. 
  3. Upload pitch decks as downloadable one-sheeters.
  4. Post testimonials to your website and landing pages.
  5. Convert case studies into online portfolio content.


With our 29 ideas to get your reuse and repurpose strategy up and running, you’ll be the greenest content marketer around—and your team will love you for taking advantage of these low hanging fruit in your content repository.