Susan Galvin, the Accounting Manager here at Boston Interactive, had a big day on Friday. In celebration of her 10-year anniversary at Boston Interactive, we surprised her with a brand-new car!

Employees were bursting with excitement during the annual gift swap on Friday afternoon, which was rigged to ensure Susan opened the box that held her new car keys. The 2018 Mini Cooper was waiting for her in front of the Schrafft’s Center with a big red bow on top.

“We’re so excited to give this car to Susan,” says our CEO, Chuck Murphy, “I can’t think of anybody more deserving of this gesture. She’s given this company years of hard work, dedication and loyalty.”

This isn’t our first time gifting a car to a tenured employee. In 2011, our CTO received a car for his ten-year anniversary as well. It’s a reward promised to any team member who reaches the decade milestone.

Chuck explains how he incepted the idea. “I always wanted to create a cool place to work - a fun environment where people feel recognized and appreciated. I used to watch shows like The Price Is Right and see contestants lose their minds over a new car. I guess it seemed like an exciting way to reward those who have gone above and beyond for the company.”