The September Shuffle

Millions of high school seniors take to the Internet when fall rolls around every year. It is the time to research colleges and decide where they will spend the next four years of their life. Likely, the first place that anyone will look is your university’s main website. The prospective student wants a taste of the university as whole: the people, the professors, and most importantly, the campus.

The campus matters to both students and parents for a number of reasons. Safety and ease of travel are two of the most paramount factors. Can you provide a positive representation of your campus to prospects without them coming to visit? Think about it.

Campus Consideration


One of the most common deciding factors in a prospective student’s search is the college tour. It is one of the most exciting parts of the entire college search process. Taking a glimpse of the place where one may spend the next four years of their life is a big deal. There are many questions a prospect will definitely ask themselves: Is the campus big? Where does the general student population hang out? Are there quiet places to study? These are all relevant thoughts that any prospective student will have when seeking out the college that is right for them.

With that being said, a student is always looking for more. Even though they may check out your college’s website and talk to current students, there are always questions that go unanswered. The campus tour is arguably the most important part of any prospective student’s search as it gives them a more holistic idea of what is to come during the next few years.

The campus tour allows you, as a representative of the university, to exhibit the greatest characteristics of your school in a way that highlights the university’s positive qualities and demonstrate what makes the experience you offer unique. During a tour, you have the ability to show the dorm layouts, lecture halls, or areas of common student space. The tour lets you capitalize on those features that your current students value, in hopes that your prospective students will value them as well.

Enhance The Experience: The Online Opportunity

Have you thought of ways to enhance your tour? Have you thought about the fact that some students cannot get to your campus to experience the tour in person? How do you solve this?

Simple. The online, virtual tour.

Most universities do not put emphasis on this offering, as it can be overwhelming to understand and create if you have not done so before. However, no university wants to miss an ideal candidate just because they are unsure of where to begin or unable to travel to the physical campus in a timely manner. Take the challenge and enhance your tour. Offer everything that a student who is stepping foot on your campus will receive to those who may not have the chance to make it.  

With a virtual campus tour, you are able to show what differentiates your university from the rest of the collegiate world and why any prospective student would want to place it at the top of their list for significant consideration. A virtual tour is an efficient way to attract prospective students and their families, and perhaps offer the opportunity to foster a lifelong relationship between the student and your school.

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