We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website! As a digital marketing agency, we apply digital solutions to meet the business needs of clients – ranging from mid-sized organizations to Fortune 500 corporations. We create holistic, interactive digital ecosystems that resonate with specific audiences – and this time, we transformed our own!


Telling a New Story

Our team sought a new digital presence that would demonstrate our breadth of experience and credibility in a variety of industries. To better showcase our industry expertise, we personalized the user experience for our audiences based on their industry. When a user visits our website, they will follow a path on the site that serves them content related to their industry. This content includes, case studies, eBooks, blog posts, and capabilities that we can provide for them and their specific digital needs. With this element of personalization, users are presented with targeted paths to uncover the solutions that meet their industry-specific goals.

Another goal was to update our overall look and feel to better reflect our capabilities as a leading digital marketing agency. To achieve this goal, we designed our pages with more bold, clear calls to action. By making these stand out, users are able to easily act and gain more information about what we do and the magnitude of our competencies in the digital space. We also dispersed our content and thought leadership throughout every page. Rather than having it centralized, we disseminated it so that it’s offered at optimal times during the user’s journey across the site. By showing rather than telling, users will leave our site with more knowledge to find solutions for their needs.

Lastly, we revamped our case studies to better highlight our digital experience in various industries. We gathered and reviewed data from all of our projects to ensure the new site presents updated, current results and information. We also enhanced the imagery in case studies to make a more attractive, immersive experience when users look through our portfolio of work. To complete the case studies section, we built a filter that allows users to filter our work based on nine different industries. These case studies now provide a seamless user experience and highlight our work in the best light.

Guiding Our Web Visitors

With this industry-first approach, you will be presented with the right content at the right time for the right industry. Chuck Murphy, CEO of Boston Interactive, explained, “the new website is focused on more than just an explanation of our solutions. Every page is intended to bring our web visitors on a journey that addresses their specific needs and industry. We are thrilled with the outcome and look forward to seeing how it progresses our growing company.”

Check Out Our New Website!