We’re thrilled to announce the launch of FAGE’s new website. FAGE is a globally recognized dairy company, offering a suite of dairy yogurts, desserts, and other products to satisfy consumers’ taste buds. They came to Boston Interactive to refresh their digital presence to better reflect their brand and expansive list of products. 

About FAGE

Founded in 1926, FAGE creates dairy products made from local farms with fresh milk, using the same recipe since its establishment. FAGE started as a small, family-owned dairy shop in Athens, Greece, and has spread its roots into international markets over the past 90 years. As a staple in many homes, FAGE continues to create more products and recipes to reach new audiences and markets.

About the Project

FAGE needed a website that showcased its breadth of products, recipes, and growth in the consumer products industry. To achieve this, we conducted user interviews, competitive research, and site analysis to uncover what makes each product unique, what a user looks for on the website, and what information they need to make a purchase. Through this extensive research, we discovered that many users seek nutrition information online, such as how much sugar, protein, and calories are in each product. Therefore, we recommended that products, nutrition information, and creative recipes be the focal point of the website through the use of engaging navigation, CTAs and landing pages.

fage website

A Recipe for Success

The “Recipes” page is now filterable to help users find new recipes and meals to make with their FAGE products. Meanwhile, the “Nutrition” page has been transformed into a content hub featuring articles about FAGE products and healthy applications. Finally, the “Our Story” page now tells a visual story of the FAGE brand, validating its leading position in the industry.

In order to achieve an updated digital ecosystem, we collaborated with FAGE’s design team to create a new vision for the overall look and feel of the website. Together, we applied clean lines, interactive videos, and compelling photography. These elements transform the outdated website into an aesthetically pleasing digital platform that’s meant to entice and satisfy current and prospective customers.

FAGE also wanted to share its story in real-time. To achieve this, we integrated their social feed throughout their website to better align with their social savvy audience.

The new FAGE website was built with a mobile-first approach to cater to website visitors on each and every device. Built on Drupal 8, the new platform enables FAGE to personalize the web experience for its international audience and adapt to future growth.

Upcoming Projects with FAGE

We’re excited to share that our work with FAGE continues! While this project focused on the U.S. website, it’s the first of many to launch – including those for UK, Greece, Italy, Germany, Mexico, and more.

Stay tuned for more from FAGE in the upcoming months!

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