Complexity Doesn’t Need to be Difficult

Athena Diagnostics is the leading provider in advanced diagnostic testing for neurology, endocrinology, and nephrology. Founded in 1988, Athena is located in Worcester, Massachusetts and offers more than 350 different diagnostic tests.


  • Streamlined and simplified the ordering process to create a more enjoyable experience
  • Redesigned navigation to reflect target persona’s buying journey
  • Rebranded site with new look and content structure to encourage engagement

When it comes to working with our pharmaceutical and life sciences clients, we understand there are a lot of restrictions and regulations when developing digital strategies. For Athena Diagnostics, we were tasked with finding a way to improve the way users ordered tests while abiding to security procedures. To solve this, we developed a PDF generator to improve functionality surrounding complicated medical web forms. It streamlined and simplified the process, allowing for more users to engage and convert.