Vertex Pharmaceuticals

For close to 30 years, Vertex Pharmaceuticals has been discovering, developing, and commercializing medicine with the determination to improve the lives of people suffering from life-threatening diseases, such as cystic fibrosis. Vertex came to Boston Interactive to develop an online brand strategy that demonstrates its mission to enrich the lives of its patients, give back to the community, and develop compassionate and purposeful work.
  • Executed a brand strategy on storytelling around the impact of cystic fibrosis in the community using videos, long-form stories, extensive research about the disease, and interactive visuals about the disease itself.  
  • Provided visitors with up-to-date information on Vertex’s research and development: From production to funding, the Vertex pipeline is colorful, modern, and keeps audiences engaged with the most recent updates happening in the company.
  • Emphasized Vertex’s unique company culture and its spirit of giving back to the community through a robust careers section that includes employee video testimonials and stories.
  • Designed an unmatchable, eye-catching brand design guide for the website with explosions of color to make the site more memorable for visitors.

Bringing Vertex to Life

With so much new medicine growing in the pipeline, Vertex wanted to show the high quality and security of its products to potential patients looking to better their health.

To showcase these innovative products and success stories, we built a visually powerful and inspirational brand design guide with emotive testimonials and client stories, as well as an in-depth view into the world of cystic fibrosis and the community being directly affected by the disease.